Image for Connected logistics for France’s leading postal service

La Poste has a very innovative approach for logistics. Aware of the spread of IoT, La Poste chose to implement LoRa Networks in its facilities to improve processes and services to customers.

In this context, they needed to geolocate trucks when they are on the docks. Their requirements were the following:

  • Identify trucks when they are entering the site, at the guardhouse
  • Identify which truck is parking on each dock
  • Know approximatively where is located each truck all over the site

From this request, the solution was obvious for Wyres. La Poste typically needed an approximate geolocation all over the site, and an accuracy down to 2 meters at some very specific points. Consequently, we suggested to combine radio and BLE positioning methods to fit their need. We equipped their site with LoRa and BLE beacons, and we attached tags on the trucks. All these devices were interfaced with La Poste existing LoRa Network.

We achieve successful results with this combination, allowing La Poste to know in real time where are the trucks. To go further, our technology enables to geolocate the trucks even outdoor! Thanks to LoRa tags, a triangulation with the public network is made as soon as the trucks leave the site, to allow a geolocation with 50 to 100 meters accuracy.

With this first proof of concept, La Poste validated the benefits of Wyres Indoor Geolocation System for its first use case. The next step is to equip other objects with Wyres’ tags in order to add more connectivity in logistics.