Image for Santa Corp. and Wyres collaborate to optimize Xmas supply Chain

CAUTION : this article may be cause distress to younger readers!

In this beautiful time of the end of the year, where magic is in the air, we reveal an incredible secret.
Apologies to all those who firmly believe that Santa Claus travels the Christmas skies alone, every year. You are way behind the times…

Have you ever heard about Santa Corp ? It’s certainly the oldest and the most powerful distribution company on earth. It numbers more than 900k ultra-fast sleighs, driven by the best elf pilots in the world and pulled by strong reindeers full of cookies and milk. The Easter bunny can go back to his burrow and weep!

Nevertheless, Santa Corp has had some really hard times during these past years. No more is there a merry smile behind that heavy white beard of our dear Santa. With the growth of giants such as Amazon and, competition has become harder and harder. Consequently, the famous Christmas Expert will have to drastically cut his budgets in the coming years.
The problem? It appears that Santa Corp. hasn’t optimized its supply chain processes for a while…

A Critical challenge for the most complex supply chain process in the world!

Recently, concerned about his logistical problems, Santa contacted Wyres (via our website – he’s not that out of date….).
He sent us a substantial list of the things he wants for Christmas – he’s used to receiving plenty of letters of this type!

His needs? Improve the efficiency of his valuable assets: sacks, sleighs, and even the reindeers!
He explained us that ensuring the delivery of its 707.000.000 gifts throughout the entire world requires a streamlined organization, and that the containers used to deliver so many gifts must be managed very tightly.

His Wishlist:

  • Automated inventories of the sacks and sleighs in the warehouse and during their transit: the objective is to ensure a minimum stock of these critical resources in the warehouse to allow the continuous delivery during night of the 24th.
  • Tracking of sacks in the sleighs to ensure that gifts reach the right housesClearly, this is to avoid the delivery mistakes of previous years: one just has to remember the sad event of last year, when a sack didn’t take the right sleigh, and dozens of children from Cameroon ended up with pairs of skis and wooly hats…
  • Tracking of valuable assets to avoid losses: unfortunately, reindeers are often attracted by the smell of soft-baked cookies, which makes them abandon the rest of the team. Reindeers losses have a high cost for Santa Corp, not to mention the emotional damage caused to Santa and his workforce.

At Wyres, we listened carefully to all of Santa’s requirements, and hopefully, we have a solution!

Wyres Solution for Santa Corp.

As geolocation experts for the supply chain market, we’re always happy to take a challenge, and that’s why we designed what we think is a great solution for Santa Corp.

All the supply chain process is managed from the Santa Corp headquarters, in Lapland, where the production site and the logistic platform are both located (we can’t disclose exactly where…). It’s the starting point for the thousands of sleighs that travel every corner of the World on Christmas Eve.

The solution we deployed at Santa Claus Corp. includes:

  • Our LoRa® / BLE Tags attached to sacks and also to reindeers.
  • Our BLE beacons attached to sleighs
  • Our LoRa® Beacons on the warehouse and on the loading platforms.


  • When sacks are filled with gifts, an association between the sack and the gift is made on the system using the elves’ tablet app. As the sacks arrive at the warehouse loading dock, they are automatically located and checked thanks to the LoRa® beacon localisation.
  • Then, when sacks are put on sleighs, a verification is made to ensure that the right sack is in the right sleigh. That’s enabled by the BLE beacons on the sleighs.
  • When sleighs leave the site, they’re located throughout their travels with the LoRaWAN™  network of our friends at Objenious, with an accuracy of approximatively 200m. Their position is fed into our system, letting Santa Claus check if all the sacks are delivered or not in real-time, and get regular reports on how the deliveries are going.
  • The same system means he will receive an alert in case his reindeers have ‘unusual’ behaviour, thanks to the tags placed on their back. If one of them goes astray, he can be tracked and found easily.

Following the deployment phase this December, Santa is looking forward to testing for the first time this gift of a real “Logistics 4.0” supply chain service, during what he considers to be the most important night of the year… just like so many others throughout the world, who are also waiting eagerly for their gifts!

We are convinced that our dear Santa will be way more relaxed during his big seasonal rush, and that we will continue his Smart Factory project in 2018 – perhaps by equipping his other asset, who knows?

If, like Santa, you wish to improve your Supply Chain process, contact us here!