Image for Why should Darth Vader implement a Geolocation System in the Death Star?

1. Asset Management

A lot of valuable assets are managed in the Death Star, which is a quite enormous infrastructure (diameter of 120 km). There are no less than 15 000 turbolaser batteries, 2 500 ion cannons and 768 tractor beam projectors. With geolocation, Death Star Management Team could earn a precious time by locating easily its assets! And they could also avoid many losses and thefts!

2. Visitors tracking

Many visitors are expected on the Death Star. But they are not always well intentioned! Tracking them is mandatory if Darth Vader wants to protect the confidentiality of his projects and the know-how of his team.

3. Lone Workers Protection

Okay, Darth Vader doesn’t care about people safety at all! But knowing when its employees are down is a precious information to protect the Death Star against malicious people! Wyres tags with fall detection should help him a lot!

4. Better understanding of the Death Star usage

With a crew of 27,000 officers, 774,000 ship support staff, pilots and soldiers, 400,000 technicians and 25,000 stormtroopers, the Death Star is a very crowded place! That’s a lot of flows to manage for the site director! Knowing in real time where people are located could be really helpful to improve the understanding of the site occupancy! It will also allow to enhance the quality of services on board: avoid overcrowding at the cafeteria, improve maintenance of sanitary facilities…

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May the force be with you!