Image for Track’it: the solution to test indoor and outdoor asset tracking

We are happy to collaborate with Objenious and Dataprint to launch Track’it, the first evaluation kit allowing to track assets inside facilities, as well as outside, thanks to LoRa based IoT technology.

Who can benefit?

Retailers, logisticians, industrials, construction sites… any company who need to optimize its flows of equipment and production goods.

Problems to solve

  • How to optimize the flow of containers (rolls, boxes, trolleys, pallets… etc) between all types of sites? How to optimize their rotation? How to decrease retention at remote sites?
  • How to make automatic inventories for equipment type and each site, or for the different areas within a building? How can personnel quickly find the right equipment?
  • How to follow equipment and goods tracking during the transport phase, right up to their delivery? How to prevent or detect errors in routing or delivery
  • How to ensure the integrity of goods and the right storage and transport conditions? (temperature, delivery times, shock, loss, etc…) ?

What’s the solution?

Wyres and Objenious solution for the supply chain allows tracking of logistics and industrial assets between different sites (production, storage or distribution), while benefiting from accurate indoor positioning when inside building equipped with the infrastructure. The positionning is determined with different levels of accuracy depending on the requirements of the application or zone.

How does that work?

Wyres & Objenious solution includes tags to be placed on objects being tracked, and IoT beacons (LoRa, BLE) to be placed on the walls or pillars of the facilities. No cabling is required as the devices operate using long life internal batteries. All the devices communicate with Objenious LoRa Network.

  • When tags are indoor, they can receive beacons’ signals and are then located thanks to Wyres solver algorithms, with 10 to 2 meters accuracy, depending on the technology used and on the size of the beacon network.
  • When tags are outdoor, they are automatically located thanks to Objenious geolocation without using GPS with approximatively 100m accuracy.

Track’it enables a quick and easy deployment of a small case simulation

In partnership with Objenious and Dataprint, Wyres proposes a simple way to test this indoor and outdoor tracking. The Track’it kit includes all the devices to deploy and test the indoor positioning solution over 2000m² indoor, and the outdoor geolocation throughout France, all preconfigured to use the Objenious network.

What’s in the kit?

  • 1 CoD from Dataprint (LoRa Multitech gateway with an annual 4G subscription)
  • 10 LoRa Beacons
  • 4 BLE Beacons
  •  4 LoRa/ BLE Tags
  • 3 hours of support and installation from Wyres team
  • 1 Beaconner for the devices synchronization
  • 1 Tic Toc Beacon enabling the fast wake-up of the devices when changing site
  • The access for 1 year to Wyres GLM Platform and to REST
  • 1 year of LoRa subscriptions for all the devices, and 1 year of 4G subscription for the LoRa Gateway

Track’it will be launched at MtoM event on March 21 and 22. Visit Dataprint and Objenious booths to discover our demo.

Price : 3 400€ HT

Want to test Track’it? Contact us