Key benefits for your business

Our solution sets a new standard in the IOT landscape :
An easy to install, feature-rich, cost-effective and integrated solution.

One solution, many uses

Wyres is an evolutive solution which allows much more than simple geolocation. Location data can be augmented with many different types of sensors and the system’s accuracy and power consumption can adapt to each use case. The same installation can manage multiple use cases simultaneously, such as asset management and workforce protection.

Cost effective

Wyres is a cost-effective solution. A large area can be covered with just a few beacons. The hardware is fully wireless and requires no change to your existing infrastructure. This allows for an easy and very cost efficient installation.

Easy installation and low maintenance

Wyres is an easy to install system thanks to it’s cable-free wireless tags and beacons. The technology is adaptable to any type of existing infrastructure and low maintenance is guaranteed thanks to robust hardware and long battery life.

Integration with legacy systems

Wyres grants you a full access to the location and sensor data by exposing a secure encrypted REST API which can be integrated into any pre-existing information systems. A state-of-the art web application gives you full ownership of the system’s configuration and set-up.

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