Image for Check out our latest evaluation kit: the perfect gift for Christmas!

As THE IoT expert for indoor Geolocation, Wyres offers a complete solution including hardware and software, based on LoRa technology and associated with multiple localization methods (LoRa radio, BLE iBeacon).

Wyres evaluation kit is the perfect tool to test and validate the strength of our solution:

The kit includes all hardware for building a small-scale simulation.

It allows you to deploy a limited size indoor system thanks to its LoRa/Ethernet gateway covering up to 1800 m² and including hardware for tracking 3 mobile objects.

You can test Bluetooth Low Energy and LoRa FSK technologies individually or both at the same time according to your use cases.

With the hardware, our GLM application is at your disposal to follow positioning and manage your deployment.

Deploy the eval kit is easy and very quick, no cabling of Beacons and no technical skills required.

Turn on the gateway, place the devices on the map in the application and physically on the area, wait some minutes time necessary to do the communication and synchronization and then you can test.

To receive technical specifications and / or a quotation for the evaluation kit, please contact us at

See you soon!