Solution planning and design

Our team of geolocation experts design the suitable implementation tailored to your specific environment and taking into consideration all the physical constraints of your infrastructure.

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Infrastructure deployment
 and maintenance

We can deliver a full turn-key IoT solution that integrates into your existing enterprise solutions. We have partnered with leading IoT operators and suppliers to deploy private or operator LoRa IoT infrastructure.

We provide tools, documentation and training to our end-customers so they can deploy and maintain their own geolocation infrastructure. But to benefit from the highest expertise, these services can also be insourced by our qualified partners.

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Cloud applications and
 IT integration

The Wyres Cloud Geolocation Platform enables instant deployment of advanced geolocation processes. From turnkey web applications tailored to specific workflows to the integration of geolocation features in enterprise information systems, our platform can do it all.

All of the geolocation platform features are available through RESTful web APIs and can be integrated in any web application. We can give you access to our expert industry partners who will combine their industry know-how and expert knowledge of our platform to build a perfect system for your specific application domain.

If your IT requirements impose a private cloud environment, we also offer custom deployments and operations of our platform on standard (VM based) private cloud infrastructure.

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Custom solutions design

We are experts in IoT based geolocation. We apply the appropriate geolocation technologies that will work for your business use cases and your industrial context.

However our IoT technology is not limited to positioning sensors. Our technology stack can integrate any kind of sensor and can be customized to meet any industrial requirements : Environmental sensors, smoke detectors, actioners, safety monitoring, etc.

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Our partners

Wyres has partnered with industry leaders to bring you the widest range of applications and the highest service level quality.

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We rely on a network of experts, integrators and operators who share our vision and our ambitions. We strongly believe that such experts could help us to push our innovation and to develop our company in France and abroad.

You are an expert in Industry, Logistic, Health, transportation etc… You are convinced that indoor geolocation has powerful capabilities ? Step in the adventure and become one of our partners.

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