Mobile tags

Tags are small battery powered mobile devices which can be placed on an object or a person. They come in several form factors according to their intended purpose. Each tag is equipped with sensors which enable geolocation, environmental monitoring and people safety.

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  • Geolocation of people and objects
  • Small and adaptable form factor
  • Access control management
  • Ambiant light and Temperature monitoring
  • Fall detection and manual alerts
  • Multi-technologies: LoRa, Radio, BLE, UWB
  • Up to 3 years battery life
  • Firmware Update Over the Air (FOTA)


Beacons are installed in a fixed location, typically on a wall, to provide a point of reference. Each beacon listens and reports on the location of all tags within its detection range. Each beacon signals its presence and environmental data using LoRa communications.

Download the beacon datasheet


  • Geolocation of people and objects
  • Ambient light and temperature monitoring
  • Additional sensors : humidity, smoke, gas, ...
  • Multi-technologies: LoRa, Radio, BLE, UWD
  • Up to 5 years battery life
  • Firmware Update Over the Air (FOTA)
Indoor IOT Geolocation Cloud Application Diagram

LoRa Network and Cloud applications

The strength of our solution lies in our cloud platform. A multi-method location solver and a set of powerful algorithms allow us to compute the location and sensor data from tags and beacons to provide meaningful insights to your business.

Our cloud platform boasts a wide range features and services applicable to many fields. Custom workflows and processes can be managed through two complementary means :

  • A web application compliant with any modern browser, even on mobile devices
  • A HTTPS REST API which allows a tight integration with any existing information system

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Packed with first class geolocation technologies

Our solution integrates several leading geolocation technologies. Each method can be used alone or in combination with others to reach the best results according to each use case.

Received Signal Strength Indication

RSSI technology based on LoRa radio allows geolocation throughout your infrastructure with 5 to 10 meters accuracy. Becons are required every 20 meters.

Bluetooth low energy

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) enables precise geolocation at specific points with 1 to 2 meters accuracy. Applications include access control functionalities.

Ultra Wideband

UWB enables very precise geolocation down to 50 cm. Anchors could be deployed in some specific areas where high accuracy is expected.

Lora communication

LoRa communication enables long range outdoor geolocation thanks to a the vast public LoRa networks. Accuracy is between 50 and 100 meters.

From design to implementation, our team of experts will help you deploy an innovative IoT solution to transform your processes.

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